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Financial Info/ Year Ends

financial information & year ends

Financial records are the core of any business and provide the ability to assess the success of an operation. While bookkeeping services maintain your day-to-day accounting records, the final financial information is the sum of all your recorded transactions, which provide a financial measure for the year. 


Correct financial information depends on the year-end adjusting entries by the accountants. By analyzing financial information, the accountant can identify opportunities, savings, & growth potential. In addition, the accountant can provide suggestions to aid in business decisions. 


We provide compilation engagements for the company’s management. In addition, we provide financial information analysis.

Professional Services

professional services

  • Business analysis 

  • Budget development, personal and business 

  • Business income & expenditure forecasts 

  • Monitoring your business performance 

  • Cash flow model analysis 

  • Projecting cash in/out flows 

  • Computerized bookkeeping training



Quality approach to tax preparation and planning in accordance with the Canadian Income Tax Act, concentrating on tax minimization to ensure you keep every dollar earned possible within the relevant tax legislation. 

  • Corporate Income Tax return (T2)

  • Sole Proprietor Income Tax schedule (T2125) 

  • Real Estate Rentals (T776) 

  • GST/HST Returns 

  • T4, T4A, T5, T5018 & other year-end filings 

  • Second opinions on filed tax returns & amendments, if needed



Toma Accounting Inc. can recommend strategies and goals to assist your business reach its financial potential. We provide clarity to complex business matters and deliver logical, objective and independent advice. 


Incorporating your business 

We highlight advantages of incorporation and can help with the process 


Business Plans 

Strong business plans are the foundation of successful businesses. Business plans are often necessary for obtaining financing. We can create a custom plan for your business. 


Start-Up Assistance 

If you are starting a business, we offer a comprehensive session that will get you started with a solid foundation of knowledge. 


CRA Representations 

If the CRA has contacted you we can advise on procedures and submissions, as well as, provide peace of mind in these stressful situations. We can analyze your Notice of Assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency. 


Other services 

· Management reporting 

· Business process improvement 

· Buying & selling a business 

· Succession planning & exit strategy 

· Estate planning

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